Fundraising Resources

Here are a number of ways for you to manage a successful fundraising campaign for the ride:

Your very own online Fundraising Page!

This will be your number one fundraising resource! When you register online for our event you also create your very own fundraising page. You can customize your message, add some pictures, join (or start) a team, state a personal fundraising goal then… share the page with your network! You will be amazed how this tool makes fundraising fun AND easy!

You can also edit your fundraising page at any time after you create it; just click the My Page tab on the left side of this page – this will take you to your fundraising page – edit away!

Contributions the easy way!

We have made it easy for contributors to make online rider sponsorships and direct donations to the David Krempels Brain Injury Center (KBIC). The online approach is the easiest way for most but we have provided paper materials (see below) for exceptions.

Either way the story should be compelling – all fundraising or donation dollars go directly to KBIC and will be utilized to continue the phenomenal existing programs and the creation of exciting new ones.

Brain Injury and its devastating effects are becoming more widely recognized. Your efforts, through participating in the King Challenge, and contributors’ will go a long way toward KBIC’s continued success.

Your fun way to success!

You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to raise contributions to support KBIC!

Here is a simple plan to get there:

Day 1 – Put in your own contribution of $15

Day 2 – Ask your spouse/partner to contribute $15

Day 3 – Ask 3 relatives to contribute $10 each

Day 4 – Ask 3 friends to contribute $10 each

Day 5 – Ask 3 co-workers to contribute $5 each

Day 6 – Ask 3 neighbors to contribute $5 each

Day 7 – Ask 3 people from your riding group/church/temple to contribute $5 each

Day 8 – Ask 3 local merchants you frequent to contribute $5 each

Day 9 – CELEBRATE! You did it! You raised the minimum $150

Day 10 – Now think, should you raise more? It’s for a great cause and check out these incentives!

More Fundraising Tips

  • Make sure your online fundraising page is compelling – set a fundraising goal that is aggressive but attainable!
  • Be personal – it’s powerful. Reach out to your network of friends with a heartfelt plea (email is easiest) and direct them to your fundraising page.
  • Form a team at work or with friends and family – encourage each other!
  • Start early – momentum will ensure your success.
  • Don’t be shy – you are raising money to support a great cause!
  • Remember to tell your supporters – all contributions are tax-deductible!
  • Your employer (or those of your supporters) may offer matching funds.
  • If you have a special connection to the KBIC or a large goal, contact the local newspaper to see if they will profile your efforts.
  • Write a personal note of thanks to each of your sponsors. This will go a long way, especially when you approach them next year.
  • Have fun!

Paper (but only if you must!)

We have provided online registration and fundraising capabilities for participants as this approach is acknowledged as the easiest and most efficient way to conduct an event on the scale of the King Challenge. For those who so choose, we also offer a paper-based approach that can be conducted by utilizing the resources below.

Paper Donation Worksheet

Paper Donation Instructions

Paper Donation Receipts

Sample Fundraising Letter (will download Word document)