We have broken down FAQs into categories (General, Ride, Fundraising) so you can scroll down and quickly find your answer!

General Questions

When is the King Challenge?
The event takes place Saturday October 12, 2024 with a group start at 9AM for all distances.

Where is the King Challenge held?
The event starts and finishes the Timberland facility (see the Event Info section on this web site).

What about the weather?
We’re hearty New Englanders and roll rain or shine!

Can children participate?
We have a Youth category (with special fundraising levels) for participants from 8 to 17 years of age.

Can I bring my dog?
Sorry but for safety reasons we ask that you leave your 4-legged friends at home.

What is meant by “Virtual Rider”?
The Virtual Rider program allows those who can’t join us on the ride to join us in the fundraising! Not a cyclist? Do you ride but just can’t join us on the day of the ride? This option is for you! More info here.

Can I sign up on the day of the event? 
All riders should sign up in advance through the ride website. We encourage you to do so from the comfort of your own home and relieve some stress on ride day. Day of event registration will be available as ling as the rider cap has not been reached.

What if I signed up for the event and decide not to ride?
If you’re unable to participate, your support will still be appreciated! Registration fees and donations are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Ride Questions

Is the King Challenge a race?
Absolutely not. Riders of all abilities are encouraged to participate and to complete their route at their own pace.

What is a “group start”?
A group start means riders will all depart at the same time. It’s quite impressive to see.

I signed up for one distance but decided to do another, OK?
We use your route choice at registration for planning purposes. We expect a few riders will change their minds as the event gets closer. If that rider is you, please let us know!

Where are the rest stops?
The 10-mile route has one stop about mid-way, while other routes have stops every 15-20 miles. Exact locations will be provided at the event.

What’s provided at the rest stops?
There will be food and beverage and a first aid kit at each of the rest stops and, with the exception of the 10-mile route, a bike mechanic. We will also have support riders roaming the routes.

Anything I need to do to get ready for the ride?
The most important element to your enjoyment of the ride is your preparation, so make sure your bike is in tune and train properly. Also, practice smiling!

What isn’t allowed on the Cycling routes?
For safety purposes, we cannot allow buggies, sidecars or child seats on the cycling routes. Tandems and trail-a-bikes are ok.

Do I have to wear a helmet or other safety equipment?
YES, all participants are required to wear an CPSC or Snell approved helmet during the entire ride and it is recommended that your bike be equipped with a blinking tail light and you wear light, bright or reflective clothing.

Do we follow rules of the road while we are cycling?
Yes, riders must always follow the rules of the road; all traffic signs and operations must be followed. Never pass on the right-hand side of a fellow cyclist.

What about route safety?
There will be either volunteer course marshals or police stationed at major intersections, but it is still important to be cautious as our volunteers have no legal authority to halt traffic!

What are the cycling routes?
Route maps are available at the Routes tab on the Rider Info page of this web site.

Fundraising Questions

Do you have any information on ways I can fund-raise?
Yes! Please visit the Fundraising tab on this web site for resources that should make raising your minimum easy and fun!

What about a personal fundraising web page?
When you register online you are able to create a personal fundraising page, share this page link with donors! To edit your page or to get technical support just log into your account using the My Page link.

Must all of my supporter donations be made online?
We encourage the online approach as it is the easiest way for participants to manage their fundraising campaign. We do understand that some old-fashioned checks may make their way in and that’s fine too.

What if I don’t make my fundraising minimum?
All adult riders are required to raise $200 (Youth $25) and will be automatically charged any shortfall on 11/2/2024. KBIC appreciates your support!

How do I submit the paper donations that I receive?
Go to the  Fundraising Resources page, scroll to the bottom and select “Paper Donation Worksheet” to download and print the worksheet. You can use the form to record and forward all of your offline donations directly to the David Krempels Brain Injury Center, 100 Campus Way, Portsmouth NH 03801. When we receive your Donation Form and payments we will add these to your PledgeReg fundraising account. PLEASE do not hold onto your paper donations – send them in frequently!