Virtual Rider Program

Some folks may not be able to join us at the ride but would like to support the cause anyway. Perhaps you don’t ride or maybe you do ride but just can’t make it to the event. No worries! We set up the Virtual Rider Program so anyone can be involved. Have fun with your Virtual Rider status – do something special on the day of the ride (maybe even ride wherever you are!), take pictures, and post your escapade on our Facebook page! 




What’s the Zwift connection? We’ve teamed up with Zwift  to introduce some creative ways for Virtual Riders to participate in the future.

From Ted King – “Mark your calendar for November 1. Ted will be hosting a live virtual ride on Zwift, no matter where you are in the world! You can get ready today by going to and downloading the free software. It’s going to be great!”


Meantime, sign on to “virtual ride” in this year’s Krempels King of the Road Challenge!


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Still have questions? Read on…….

What does is cost to register in the Virtual Rider Program?

Registration is FREE!

Do fundraising minimums apply?
There are no fundraising minimums but, of course, we encourage you to set a personal goal.

Am I still eligible to participate in the fundraising incentives program?
Of course! Check out our cool fundraising incentives here.

Do I get my own fundraising page, just like the regular riders?
Yes, indeed! As you register you will be prompted to create your own account and fundraising page.

Can I join or start a team?
Absolutely! You can do this when you first register or Log in later at the My HQ tab.


 Virtual Rider Photos!

So, did you do something fun as part of your being a Virtual Rider? Snap a photo and post your escapade on our Facebook page or just send it to us.


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