The King Challenge is a fundraising ride to support Krempels Center – “New Life After Brain Injury”.

This page is for fundraising riders. Are you a donor? If so, check here!

Your Commitment:

Your participation as a rider in the King Challenge comes with a commitment to meet the individual Fundraising Minimum ($150 adult, $25 Youth) in order to participate in the ride. These minimums are each individual rider’s responsibility. If you are also a member of a team you must still meet your minimum; any fundraising goals set by the team are met merely by combining individual’s results. IMPORTANT: Please read the Fundraising Agreement at the bottom of this page!


  • Virtual Riders are exempt from minimums.
  • Family minimum ($250) can be met by aggregating family members results. A family is described as 2 Adult riders and one or more Youth riders. You must notify us if you choose this option – see the Family page for details.


We’ve made fundraising really easy and fun! When you register for the ride you can create a unique and personal fundraising page that you can share with your potential supporters. Donations are collected online through your page, making it easy for you to track and fun to watch grow!

To help you with your fundraising success please visit our Fundraising Resources page.


We also believe your fundraising success should be rewarded. We have a number of great incentives that can be achieved at different fundraising levels. To see the cool items that could be yours click here!

Rider Fundraising Agreement:

In consideration of the acceptance of registration in the 2019 King Challenge riders agree to collect or personally contribute the following fundraising minimum for the benefit of Krempels Center:

  • $150 Adult (18 years +)
  • $25 Youth (8-17 yrs)
  • $250 Family (incl 2 Adults, 1 or more Youth)
  • $0 Virtual Rider

and  agree to be personally responsible to King Challenge if they fail to collect the required funds. The deadline for receipt of the minimum amount is October 31, 2020. The outstanding balance towards the minimum fundraising requirement will be charged to their credit card if they have not met this requirement by the deadline.

Cancellation Policy:

By registering for the 2020 King Challenge I am obliged to submit the fundraising minimum as defined in the fundraising agreement. The minimum is due by the fundraising deadline of October 31, 2020. If I have not submitted the appropriate amount by October 31, 2020 the outstanding balance towards the minimum fundraising requirement will be charged to my credit card.