Teams are simply groups of individual riders who band together for camaraderie and fun (individual riders are still responsible for their individual fundraising minimums). Joining a team is a great way to enjoy the day; many teams choose to ride together and congregate before and after the ride as way to have more fun!

Find a Team

You can find an existing 2017 team here. You may have to hit the “Next” button in the lower right of the page to see more Teams.

Starting or Joining a Team

Teams can be formed or joined at any time but it’s a good idea to consider forming or joining a team early. You can do this when you first register for the event or later by logging on to your account using through the My Firstgiving Access page; after you have logged into your fundraising page you will find the team option half way down the blue Donations box on the right side of that page.

IMPORTANT: Regardless of a team’s fundraising goal, INDIVIDUAL RIDERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR MEETING THEIR OWN FUNDRAISING MINIMUM ($150 Adult/$25 Youth) – the only exception being………

Family Option

Please see our Family page for more info.